Shopping the Familiar to Ease into A New Land

Making the decision to move to a new country is a decision more people are making than ever before. Some head back to their ancestral lands in search of primordial roots, and other can’t resist the pull of the sand and sea. Many find themselves drawn to Costa Rica for that reason, and because the property values make it easy to buy a second vacation home that brings in extra income. Many who’ve lived in areas with lots of snow and ice in the winter say Costa Rica makes the perfect place to settle when they finally do retire. Leaving one’s homeland was more difficult before the advent of social media. A family could be separated for years before they would see each other again. Records from the late 19th century prove families arriving at Ellis Island in New York took a risk and left behind everything they knew for the strange land of America. Even though some never made it back to their homeland, most were thriving in a few generations.

It doesn’t take nearly as long to get one’s footing in a new land today, but the loneliness and loss of social connections one enjoyed in familiar territory can take a toll. This can be eased by using apps to connect to family and friends, while making new connections. In a land like Costa Rica, there are large communities that cater to the American expats, and the local real estate agent often acts as social match maker when new families move in. They have the advantage of knowing which community is a likely fit for those with young children who’ll want playmates, and those older adults looking for solitude.

Shopping familiar brands like Stuart Weitzman for comfortable items to wear in your new environment helps many people make the transition. Using Groupons to save money at a time when budgets are likely to be stretched is a way to ease those constraints. You can save as much as 50% off select merchandise and end of season clearance items like sandals that go from summer to fall and the new sock bootie that’s so comfortable around the ankles.. Finding suitable apparel for job hunting, or pursuing new endeavors in your new homeland is an ideal way to fill up the time spent before the big move takes place. And Stuart Weitzman is a great store to shop.

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